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  • The Impacts of Forest Concession on Women’s Lives

    The data from Global Forest Watch (GFW) records a massive loss of tree covers in peat lands in Pelalawan Regency and Siak Regency, Riau, which could lead to prolonged forest fires. Currently, the proportion of degraded forests is much larger than the proportion of natural ones, potentially causing an extended impact on women who are highly dependent on forest conditions. The increasingly fast rate of deforestation each year is triggered by the large number of concessions granted to plantation and forest-based companies, thus limiting the people’s access to forests and natural resources.

Budgeting Process Assistance

The activity is designed as an effort to build community capacity in budgeting process (Planning – budgeting – implementing – evaluating – monitoring), particularly to encourage women to get involve actively in the budgeting process. It is carried out to help women to voice out their needs and their problems so it may included in the budget allocation in the province of South Sumatera. The assistance will be done for civil society, executives and legislatives in South Sumatera province. The activity will be conducted by WRI, in collaboration with local partners, i.e. the executives, legislatives, and NGOs.

The project is a six months project on capacity building for multistakeholders in order to enable them conducting gender responsive budget advocacy. Gender responsive budget is a budgeting process that takes into account the integration of equal access and benefit for male and female from planning up to the spending of the budget allocated. The efforts to adopt those equal chance, access, and benefit has been widely known as gender mainstreaming strategy and should be run in the whole process of planning, formulating, implementing, and monitoring.

UNDP conducted a gender need assessment in Maluku, North Maluku, and Central Sulawesi in 2004 and published the results in 2005. The recommendations from this assessment strongly indicate the need of capacity building activities for women in those post-conflict areas. In order to follow up those recommendations, UNDP is commissioning a need assessment for capacity building activities as the preparatory phase of a proposed women's leadership and peace building program in Central Sulawesi, Maluku and North Maluku.

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  • Women’s Leadership Training Module

    The Women’s Leadership Training Module is a guidebook based on a series of capacity building for women’s leadership held by Women Research Institute (WRI) in five selected areas, namely Padang, Deli Serdang, Mataram, Pekanbaru, and Jakarta. This is a follow-up from WRI’s 2012 research titled “Feminist Leaderships in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia in Influencing Social Movements and Its Correlation to the Improvement of Women’s Prosperity: A Case Study in 5 Regions.”  The research findings...

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