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The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Thursday, October 03, 2005
Hera Diani, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Conservative religious understanding and cultural elements have hampered the development of the political role of women here, the Women's Research Institute (WRI) revealed on Thursday.

Conducted in eight regions, the institute's research on regional autonomy showed that despite the enactment of several bylaws and policies to increase women's political participation in politics at a regional level, few women have taken up the challenge.

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Thursday, September 09, 2005
Ati Nurbaiti, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Millions of teenagers are sexually active in the country but official ignorance or a head-in-the-sand attitude is leading to a continuing neglect of their needs, an expert on public health says.

Ford Foundation country representative Meiwita Budiharsana said Central Statistics Agency 2002-2003 data estimated 51 percent of teenagers had already had sexual intercourse before they were 19.