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VIVAnews, Kamis, January 22, 2009
Siswanto, Mohammad Adam


VIVAnews - Women will have less chances at gaining seats at the House of Representatives (DPR). This results from major votes implementation in determining legislative candidates in the 2009 Legislative Elections.

"Female candidates who can exceed 10 percent of common denominator are 50 percent less than male candidates," said Ani Sucipto, a lecturer of Social and Political Science Faculty of University of Indonesia, on Wednesday, January 21, during a discussion that Women Research Institute (WR) organized at the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI)'s office, South Jakarta.

Tempo Magazine, No. 24/IX, February 10-16, 2009
Kate Lamb

Indonesians can boast they have had a woman in the top job, but activists say that female representation in the post-election cabinet will be lower than that of Rwanda.

DUE to affirmative action policies, Rwanda now has 44 percent of women in their parliament. “Amazing considering Rwanda is a more politically and economically backward country than Indonesia,” says Sita Aripurnami of the Women’s Research Institute.