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gender-based, and sustainable natural resource governance

Year Commencing Notes of Women Research Institute
Jakarta, January 21, 2008

Edriana Noerdin as research director of Women Research Institute (WRI) gave a preliminary speech to mark the event of public dialogue. In her speech, Edriana described shortly the background and importance of public dialogue. From this event it is expected that the participants may find methods and loopholes to prop up support for female candidates for the parliament after the judicial review was issued.

The Indonesian People’s Representative Council (DPR-RI) has issued a National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) and inserted the Gender Equality and Equity Bill in the 2012 Prolegnas’ list of Priority Bills1. DPR-RI targeted to ratify the Gender Equality and Equity Bill before their tenure ends in mid-2014.

Since its informal introduction to the public, the Gender Equality and Equity Bill has caused public debates between those who are in favour of and those who are against its ratification based on various perspectives, including religious beliefs2. The Women Research Institute (WRI) supports the parliament’s initiative by carrying out a policy research to identify problems and provide politically realistic policy recommendations for the Gender Equality and Equity Bill, which is currently under discussion in DPR-RI. WRI will also specifically focus its attention on several points that are considered as the key to similarise perception on gender equality and equity.