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In the effort to support public policy researches, strengthen Civil Society Organization (CSO) members-based advocacy, and ensure that the legislative process to be more effective, transparent and representative of the citizens' interests, the Representation Program facilitates beneficiaries of its funds to establish a network of public policy research organizations (Policy Research Network/PRN). PRN consists of five Research Institutes, namely LPEM (The Institute for Economic and Social Research – Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia), PPPI (Paramadina Public Policy Institute – Paramadina University), WRI (Women Research Institute), IRE (Institute for Research and Empowerment), and CSIS (Centre for Strategic and International Studies).  


Gender Budgeting Training and Study Visit in order to identify, digest, understand, and learn the Philippines initiatives, experiences, and plans in Gender Budgeting application, implementation, processes, and achievements.

Since 2001, Indonesia has been struggling to implement gender-sensitive budgeting at the national as well as local level. NGOs such as CIBA, PATTIRO, BIGS and WRI have been influencing and working together with the government to carry out the gender-budgeting agenda. The result, however, has not been entirely successful. The gender-sensitive budgeting, for example, has not succeeded in promoting poverty reduction programs for women as a priority. In fact, the government still often skews the process by interpreting ’gender-sensitive budgeting’ as ’budgets for women’, and it leads to the allocation of budget for state-founded middle class women organizations such as PKK and Dharma Wanita. Furthermore, gender-sensitive budgeting advocacy in Indonesia has not been able to produce a policy that guarantees the implementation of gender-sensitive budgets both at the national and local level.

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  • Women’s Leadership Training Module

    The Women’s Leadership Training Module is a guidebook based on a series of capacity building for women’s leadership held by Women Research Institute (WRI) in five selected areas, namely Padang, Deli Serdang, Mataram, Pekanbaru, and Jakarta. This is a follow-up from WRI’s 2012 research titled “Feminist Leaderships in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia in Influencing Social Movements and Its Correlation to the Improvement of Women’s Prosperity: A Case Study in 5 Regions.”  The research findings...

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