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This article is a summary of a case study of an issue in reproductive health services and childbearing mothers. This case study is taken from one of seven Districts in Indramayu, Surakarta, Lampung Utara district, West Sumba district, East Lombok district, Jembrana district, and Lebak district. It is describing the life story of Tuminah who lives in Pekandangan Jaya village, Indramayu subdistrict, Indramayu regency.


Case Study in Pekandangan Jaya village, Indramayu subdistrict, Indramayu Regency 

Tuminah (35 years old) is the first child of 6 siblings, 2 of whom have passed away. Tuminah’s mother got married 6 times, all ended up in divorces after lasted for just about 1 or 2 years. Tuminah admitted to not knowing her father closely because since she was born she was brought up by her mother. She just remembered that there were many men that became her mother’s friends and fathered some children. It is not very clear whether her mother was officially married or just passed through a sirri marriage (married according some religious rituals but not registered in state records) with her fathers. From those marriages Tuminah’s mother got children, 4 of whom became her younger siblings, two brothers and two sisters from different fathers, but it was Tuminah alone that stayed with her mother that had enabled her to go to elementary school and accomplish her basic education.

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