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Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest tropical peatland in the world with an area reaching 1.6 times the area of ​​Java. Peatlands are formed from the decay of organic material that has accumulated for thousands of years. Peatlands are also capable of storing 20 times more carbon than ordinary tropical rainforests.


Riau Province, is the number two province after Papua which has the largest peat area in Indonesia. 45.71% of Riau's total land area is Peatland. However, more than 50% of the peatland has been converted for aquaculture purposes and most of the land has been converted to land burning methods.


In 2015 more than half of the forest fires in Indonesia occurred on peatland. This forest fire releases carbon emissions of more than 15.95 million tons into the atmosphere and triggers changes in extreme weather resulting in natural disasters in various places. In this case, women who are closely related to the environment will experience worse impacts from disasters due to environmental damage. Both the impact on reproductive health and the social and economic life of himself and his family.


What is the impact of forest fires on women in Riau Province? And how can the community, especially women, play a role in preventing or mitigating the risk of forest fires?


Based on research conducted by WRI in 2016, the haze caused by forest and peat land fires has an impact on the environment, health, education, economy and regional budgets. Various efforts have been made to overcome these impacts and other supporting efforts from the community are needed. One of them is from the community, especially women to be able to actively participate in creating a data-based disaster resilience system through the Global Forest Watch platform.



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